Humanizing MR isn’t just our philosophy. It’s our promise. Our promise to change how patients feel, see, hear and experience MR for the better. We’ve already changed the way patients feel during an MR scan by introducing our Discovery* MR750w and Optima* MR450w wide bore systems with the GEM Suite of lightweight, flexible coils. And we’ve also changed the way patients see MR through the system’s award-winning design and the Caring MR Suite sold by PDC Facilities. However, addressing sound has quickly become a top priority for improved patient comfort especially since 30 percent of all MR exams are neurological scans where the patient’s head is positioned inside the bore. Now is the time to break that silent barrier and change the way patients hear MR forever. Introducing Silent Scan. Using a unique combination of innovative technologies, we’ve made MR as silent as a whisper. The day when your patients can undergo a neuro scan without feeling anxiety brought on by the acoustic noise of a typical exam is here. And we’ve accomplished this while still providing the excellent image quality you need to make a confident diagnosis. It’s time to hear the difference.
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