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PET/CT: Discovery MI Gen 2


Built with breakthrough digital PET technology, the latest in diagnostic CT and advanced quantitative software, Discover MI was created to both accelerate your research and enhance your clinical work.

Now, with Discovery MI Gen 2, we see an evolution of this incredible imaging technology. Not only is it engineered to reach an impressive 30 centimeters of coverage and paired with a diagnostic CT that allows deep-learning based image reconstruction, it was also thoughtfully developed to provide a more efficient technologist experience. Welcome to a new generation of digital PET/CT.

Should you require more information, please click below to be redirected to Discovery MI’s website or to access the required brochure.


The promise of digital PET is precision across the entire imaging experience. Discovery MI has been delivering on that promise for years with one of the highest NEMA sensitivities of any ToF PET/CT system in the industry.

Now, with Discovery MI Gen 2 , we plan on taking the promise of digital PET even further. As the next generation of the world’s first digital PET/CT, Discovery MI Gen 2 is engineered to allow you to image even more. With a scalable Field Of View capable of an impressive 30 centimeters of digital detection coverage, this system has the potential to enable an exceptionally high sensitivity of 30 cps/kBq1.

Further enhancements include a CT designed to allow TrueFidelity deep-learning image reconstruction to enable image sharpness and improved noise texture.

The goal of Discovery MI Gen 2 is clear: to provide you with a premium digital PET/CT capable of enabling the next generation of clinical applications, so you can continue pushing the boundaries of your research and your clinical work.