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Signa Prime 1.5T

With SIGNA Prime, we’ve created an MR that almost anyone can use because it’s built on what you already know. If your facility has any type of diagnostic imaging within its walls, you are ready to take the next step to MR. We have utilized our 40 years of experience in MR innovation to develop a system with an ingeniously simple, environmentally friendly design and future-ready capability.

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  • Easy to set up, use and read.

SIGNA Prime gives you all of the tools you need for a seamless transition to MR. SIGNA Prime has a small footprint, which makes it easier to site in a facility. You can also install SIGNA Prime in challenging power, water, cooling and helium-access conditions, granting you greater flexibility and a shorter install time. And we offer remote support, so you can quickly address any issues as you get started.

We have leveled the MR learning curve with our all-new user experience. It allows you to personalize your MR system by introducing classic and express modes. It also includes a guided workflow with step-by-step instructions as well as simple protocol selection and planning to help you reach an error-free exam.

With SIGNA Prime, you don’t have to choose between accessibility and quality. We equipped SIGNA Prime with state-of the-art Total Digital Imaging (TDI) 2.0 technology. We paired that with the latest AI technology to generate images that are as easy to read as the system itself is to use. SIGNA Prime includes AIR Recon DL capability, the industry’s leading deep learning based image reconstruction algorithm that works across all anatomies. AIR Recon DL improves image quality at the foundational level by leveraging raw data to remove image noise and ringing. It also improves SNR and image sharpness, enabling much shorter scan times.