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Venue Go


Simplify assessments and deliver effective care with Venue Go. Featuring a uniquely adaptable design that goes from cart to table to wall, Venue Go supports Point of Care medicine across clinical needs and physical spaces from the ED to the ICU to the OR.

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Created for your point-of-care, the Venue G ultrasound was designed for your needs and adapts for your challenges.
Its flexible design allows you to go from cart to table to boom with ease, providing your department with needed adaptability. AI-enabled tools help enable fast assessments, simplify the complex and support your life-saving decisions. Built with a small footprint and increased portability, Venue Go provides the flexibility you need to scan, diagnose and treat with ease and accuracy across a wide range of environments and care areas.
From cart to table top, a system that transforms to your needs.
Plus, a small footprint and large casters enable it to easily maneuver to bedside, navigate between equipment and reach tight spaces common in point of care. With a battery that can provide active scan times of up to two hours, Venue Go features an easy-to-see, color-changing battery indicator so you know when you’re running low on power.
Advanced and automated clinical tools enabling you to quickly diagnose, treat and determine a care pathway.
Venue Go has been designed and tested to be walk up easy for novice to expert users, and it features a number of AI-enabled automated tools to accelerate clinical workflow while also reducing the fatigue of repeated and difficult tasks. Utilizing proprietary algorithms, we synthesize data from numerous patients to ensure accurate calculations for clinical confidence.