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Discovery IGS 730- Hybrid OR


The Discover IGS 7 angiography system brings both extremely high-quality imaging and complete workspace freedom to the hybrid operating room.

Its unique mobile platform brings all the power of a fixed imaging system to the table, yet it can be moved aside, so multi-disciplinary teams can complete procedures comfortably, with unobstructed access to patients.

High-end fluoroscopy image guidance, advanced applications, 3D image fusion – it all comes on a sophisticated gantry that travels on predefined paths with laser-guided precision.

With a choice of optimal mid size 31 cm and largest field of view 41 cm detectors to accommodate a wide range of endovascular, hybrid and open surgical procedures, free of interference from fixed floor or ceiling system structures.

Should you require more information, please click below to be redirected to Discovery IGS 730’s website or to access the required brochure.

With the Discover IGS 7 gantry, nothing on the floor or ceiling obstructs your work or limits your mobility – your freedom is nearly absolute. An untethered, laser-guided gantry carries the imaging C-arm. You can move it to the table to image any part of the anatomy, then power it back, out of the way, to precise pre-chosen positions.

  • Movable Gantry
  • One-touch back-in and back-out means fully flexible procedures: With the Discovery IGS 7, you can truly have it both ways: Move the gantry to the table for imaging, move it aside when needed – and all at the touch of a button. From the imaging positions at the table, you can back the gantry out to up to eleven predefined locations. Back-out distances are customizable to suit different room sizes
  • A wide-bore C-arm expands your options: With a full 129 cm of space between the tube and the detector, the Discovery IGS 7 features one of the largest bore among major angiography providers. It provides collision-free 3D imaging to let you image large patients easily and perform cone-beam CT acquisition even for patients with arms down and intubated.
  • Optimal detector size adds clinical versatility: With the 31 x 31 cm detector, the Discovery IGS 7 is designed for a wide range of cardiovascular and interventional procedures. You can perform steep angulations for cardiac procedures, without compromising detector coverage for peripheral vascular procedures.

With its broad 41 x 41 cm detector, the Discovery IGS 7 system boasts one of the largest fields of view for interventional imaging.