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PET/CT: Discovery IQ Gen 2


Discovery IQ is the most widely utilized and trusted PET/CT system amongst clinicians across the globe.

It was designed and engineered to be a scalable, high-performance diagnostic system with the capabilities to produce exceptional image quality while using less dose. Most importantly, it was built on a platform intended to meet and exceed your clinical needs as they grow.

The next generation in PET/CT performance dedicated to improving your clinical outcomes, productivity and profitability.

Should you require more information, please click below to be redirected to Discovery IQ’s website or to access the required brochure.


Discovery IQ Gen 2 builds on the standard of PET/CT performance set by Discovery IQ through powerful software and hardware upgrades designed to further personalize your patient care. While maintaining the industry’s highest NEMA sensitivity, option exclusive to GE, Discovery IQ Gen 2 delivers improvements to the other two core pillars of excellent PET/CT imaging – motion correction and quantitation accuracy, two options that are GE exclusives derived from years of research and development.

This PET/CT system has exceptional small lesion detectability. Amongst these industry-leading capabilities, Discovery IQ Gen 2 also features Smart MAR, which helps reduce metal artifacts, providing significant reduction of streaks and shadows to save time from correcting images

Discovery IQ Gen 2 is the next generation of our high-performance PET/CT system thoughtfully engineered with faster scan times, lower dose techniques and the ability to scan patients of all sizes. By combining best-in-class sensitivity with MotionFree image clarity and trusted Q.Clear quantitation, Discovery IQ Gen 2 is the smartest choice for ensuring better outcomes through true discovery.