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PET/CT: Omni Legend

This is the start of a whole new era of PET/CT.

Omni Legend is the first system we’re introducing on our all-new, all-digital Omni platform. The remarkable digital detector design at its core delivers high resolution, as well as an unparalleled increase in true NEMA sensitivity, delivering the highest sensitivity per centimeter in the market. Greater sensitivity may not only lead to fast scan times and lower dose, but also lesion detectability that is comparable or better than the top-of-the-line digital platform.

Omni Legend includes our new Precision DL technology while excelling in PET/CT operational efficiency and patient comfort with a collection of intuitive workflow solutions enhanced by artificial intelligence. And with the ability to image the diagnostics portion of theranostics as well as short life tracers and dynamic protocols, it empowers you with greater clinical information across more procedure types than ever before. Only Omni Legend is designed with all of these critical components in one PET/CT system to deliver answers at the speed of sight.

We built Omni Legend from the ground up to harness the power of digital dBGO, an innovative detector material with a small crystal size capable of producing high resolution images and exceptional image quality. This creates a brand-new category of detector technology that delivers more than two times the sensitivity than prior digital scanners, enabling fast scans at a lower dose.The end result is a remarkable design that’s more accessible to more people today and with a detector assembly engineered for future upgrades that allows for axial field-of-view scalability up to 128 cm.