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Allia IGS 5


Evolving minimally invasive therapies brings new challenges such as clinical and operational efficiency, optimal image quality at the lowest possible dose and need of more advanced imaging and measurement tools.

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Allia IGS 5 enables you to get the best image quality while maintaining acceptable dose level.

The proprietary angiography flat-panel detector offers one of the industry’s highest ratings for Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE), a parameter internationally acknowledged as an index of detector performance in contrast-and dose-limited imaging performed in clinical studies. IGS 5 Provides the right image at the right dose automatically, with unique dose awareness and dose limiting technology.

You can choose your image quality target and Allia provides the right image at the right dose automatically

  • AutoRight is the 1st AI-based, interventional image chain in the industry, trained on 6,000+ datasets
  • Automatic adjustment of up to 7 parameters in real time to optimize image quality and dose.

Adding to that, 95% of clinicians believe they have better control on the IQ/dose trade-off with AutoRight cockpit:

    • Graphical color-coded display of real-time dose rate
    • One touch access to the full image quality range within any protocol
    • Dose limiter function for additional control of max fluoroscopic dose rate limit

On another note, you can power up your PCI decision making with PCI ASSIST 2

    • Help to increase positioning accuracy and confidence in multiple stent positioning
    • Enhance the visibility of both stents in a bifurcation using StentViz algorithm
    • Automatic single acquisition workflow
    • Improve anatomical visibility by up to 85%

Finally, 3DCT HD MAR reduces streak artifacts induced by the presence of small metallic devices such as coils or clips within the 3D field of view. 3DCT HD Motion Freeze is designed to reduce artefacts caused by involuntary respiratory motion during the rotational acquisition and recover small detail visibility impacted by motion.