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LOGIQ Fortis

Efficient, versatile, powerful. A streamlined next-generation imaging, from neonates to geriatric patients.

Whether the case is routine or technically challenging, the LOGIQ Fortis helps you make a difference in the lives of your patients, while supporting you to maximize your investment. The systems feature cSound Architecture, which combines versatile XDclear probes and the cSound Imageformer to deliver exceptional image quality in head-to-toe clinical scenarios.

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Introducing the new Logiq Fortis. This cutting-edge ultrasound system exceeds expectations with its groundbreaking cSound Architecture, designed to facilitate next-generation imaging.

The multi-purpose ultrasound features a powerful combination of versatile XDclear probes, matrix probe, cSound Imageformer, and advanced Speckled Reduction Imaging (SRI) technology. Ultimately, providing exceptional image quality, clarity and clinical confidence across a wide range of clinical applications. Tools, such as 2D Shear Wave Elastography, Measure Assistant and Radiantflow help reduce the need for invasive procedures and provide valuable information for informed decision making.

The Logiq Fortis also goes beyond imaging capabilities. It optimizes productivity, streamlining workflow for clinicians and ensuring accurate results while enhancing patient comfort.

With its user-friend design, featuring raw data, EZ imaging, AI-based and automated tools, clinicians can efficiently diagnose and detect lesions using the highly detailed images.