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Revolution Ascend

Introducing the Revolution Ascend platform- our latest CT offering that is designed for efficiency to match your imaging demands. Whether you require a highly efficient system with 20mm of coverage for routine scanning, or a more advanced system with 40mm of coverage that improves low contrast detectability, you can choose exactly what you need. Since the Revolution Ascend platform is scalable, you can decide which system is right for you today and easily upgrade when you need it in the future.

Enhance what matters

True Enhance DL is designed to increase contrast resolution for confident diagnosis- especially for challenging oncology cases or pulmonary embolism evaluation. True Enhance DL uses a dedicated Deep Neural Network (DNN) to generate deep learning-based monochromatic-like images from single-energy X-ray. This technology is engineered to provide you with a simple workflow and incredible image quality without a radiation penalty.

Deep learning

TrueFidelity DL is our exceptional image reconstruction technology that uses a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to generate high-definition, low-noise CT images. TrueFidelity DL produces images with exceptional sharpness, low-contrast performance, and your preferred noise texture, at the same dose.


Revolution Ascend platforms’ carefully optimized configurations allow you to invest in the clinical capabilities you need today and allow for your CT to grow with you. Revolution Ascend Select can be upgraded to Plus or Elite. And Revolution Ascend Plus can be upgraded to Elite. All of the configurations are paired with Effortless Workflow and Smart Subscription for a remarkably efficient CT experience.