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PETtrace 800


The PETtrace is known for being highly reliable. This, together with a high production capacity, has made it one of the most preferred cyclotrons in the world.

To simplify site planning and streamline your building project, you can choose to equip any cyclotron in the PETtrace 800 Series with a radiation shield. Using a series of strategically designed lead and polyethylene blocks along with steel tanks filled with boronated water, the radiation shield removes the need for the large bunker that’s typically used for high energy cyclotrons.

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The PETtrace 800 Series has a beam extraction efficiency above 99.9 percent. Two carousels, each equipped with six carbon foils, are used to extract the beam. In addition, the extraction system can operate in single mode, or it can simultaneously irradiate two targets in dual mode. This efficient extraction technology results in a high production capacity.

It is also versatile and scalable. The entire series is built around a compact, negative-ion cyclotron with our vertical, mid-plane design. It features both proton and deuteron acceleration capability and you can further configure the system with various targets and process systems. This allows you to either increase your capacity or your tracer portfolio as your production needs grow.

With the PETtrace 800 Series, you can reliably deliver FDG to a large number of clients, or supply a research program with a wide range of tracers. It offers the efficiency required to facilitate your clinical schedules, flexibility for research protocols and the performance necessary to meet regional distribution demands.