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Revolution Apex

Revolution Apex is a new ultra-premium CT system designed and engineered to provide you with a new way to your best image for every patient. 
By combining a powerful new imaging chain with TrueFidelity Images created using Deep Learning Image Reconstruction, it’s built on a platform that provides you with uncompromised access to all that CT has to offer. Revolution Apex is the first CT engineered to empower you to determine how you get the best image quality for your patients.
Revolution Apex was engineered to take the “uncompromised” vision of the Revolution CT platform one step further. Not only does it give you access to the best in coverage, spatial resolution, temporal resolution and spectral imaging capabilities in one system, the power of the Quantix 160 Tube elevates each of these attributes to the next level of performance. The result is a platform with the limitless performance you need to achieve outstanding image quality for current and future patients.
The combination of the new Quantix tube and image reconstruction technology takes an uncompromised platform even further by elevating each of the core image quality attributes. Revolution Apex provides you with the image quality you need to make a powerful first impression every time.