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Signa Champion 1.5T

When it comes to improving the patient experience and providing high image quality no other component of an MRI system has greater impact than the magnet. The SIGNA Champion features a platform wide bore magnet that delivers a large field of view.

We believe everyone deserves equal access to the best overall MRI experience possible. An experience defined by a true, patient-friendly wide bore, comfortable coils, reduced in-bore time and outstanding image quality.

Every single centimeter of clearance matters for every patient. As a true wide bore system, SIGNA Champion provides generous patient clearance at isocenter. More comfortable patients can lead to fewer rescans and higher throughput.

With SIGNA Champion, you have access to our blanket-like AIR Coils, which will completely transform your patient experience. The flexible and versatile coil design conforms to almost any part of the human body, so your patients feel more relaxed and you can get closer to the anatomy you need to see.

SIGNA Champion provides a modular design with both software and hardware options ready to match your clinical priorities. It includes basic scan tools to advanced applications and image quality solutions like AIR Recon DL and Sonic DL. These applications allow you to not only optimize your routine cases, but expand into specialties like neuro, MSK, cardiac and oncology. And that’s not all. SIGNA Champion is capable of 32, 48 and 64-channel configurations to provide you with the flexibility to streamline your coil configurations for the anatomies and clinical cases you want to focus on.

It’s never been easier to introduce or expand access to the latest MRI technology, wherever you are. We offer flexible siting, a green magnet requiring 70% less helium and scalability options to keep up with and exceed tomorrow’s challenges. Whether you have a small practice or manage a fleet of imaging centers, SIGNA Champion ensures a faster return on your investment with a small footprint (our smallest 1.5T wide bore system) and lower power consumption to help offset rising real estate and energy costs.