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Revolution Maxima

Every day you look for ways to accommodate an increasing load of patient referrals with the same number of department resources. It’s a constant balancing act that places extra emphasis on the overall efficiency of your entire CT workflow.

For you, the final CT image is only part of the story. How you get to that image is just as integral to the quality of your patient care as the images themselves.

This philosophy is at the foundation of Revolution Maxima. We evaluated every angle of the CT workflow and then went to work simplifying, streamlining, automating and applying advanced technologies like AI wherever possible with the goal of transforming the entire CT experience.

Revolution Maxima is the culmination of all of these efficiencies. It’s a powerful, high-performing and reliable CT designed to maximize every step of the CT workflow, from referral to report.

  • Auto-positioning: Our innovative AI-based Auto Positioning completely automates this step. The Xtream camera uses real-time depth sensing technology to generate a 3D model of your patient’s body. Then, using our deep learning algorithm, Revolution Maxima pinpoints the center of the scan range and automatically aligns it with the iso-center of the bore. With one click, Auto Positioning uses all of this information to automatically center your patient for a completely hands-free positioning experience.
  • Hands-free automation: in one click away you get to smart select, auto-center and position.
  • Lower dose up to 82%.
  • 0.28 high spatial resolution with a 40 mm detector coverage.
  • A collection of smart applications from Smart MAR, to Smart Cardiac and Smart Stroke. 

Revolution Maxima provides innovative solutions for your entire CT experience from referral to report, including an incredible new way to automate patient positioning. Beyond that, it’s a scalable, upgradable system that leaves the door open to grow with your practice.