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Versana Essential R2


Easy to use and easy to own.

The patients who rely on you for their everyday care deserve your best. We understand that you want to raise the standard of care you deliver with world-class ultrasound, and that’s why we designed this machine with your growing medical center in mind, to provide the clinical capability and support you want – without compromising the quality, reliability, and affordability you need.

Should you require more information, please find below Versana Essential’s brochure.

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A complete solution. An opportunity for growth.

Versana Essential is a complete ultrasound solution, one you can learn to use quickly and productively. It enables confident clinical decision making for quick referrals and immediate clinical correlation so you can scan a wide range of patients.

Optional local education offerings, including hands-on sessions and certification help get you up-to-speed quickly.
Versana Essential is easy-to-own with optional financing terms and customizable solutions to help manage the cost of ownership.

  • Whizz: a one touch, a dynamic image optimization.
  • Auto IMT: automated measure of IMT.
  • Scan Coach: real time reference to help locate the desired scan plane.
  • CWD for Cardiac Applications

Finally, enhance your services with immediate ultrasound diagnostics, so you can retain patients. You can rapidly build your diagnostic confidence and your patients’ comfort and confidence in you, with a range of transducers and applications to enhance the amount of information you see during your diverse patient exams.