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XR 6000


In the history of X-ray imaging equipment, GE Healthcare has always been at the forefront of innovation.
Today GE Healthcare is moving one step forward by proposing a straightforward conventional radiographic solution to ease patient access to health care.

With XR 6000, GE Healthcare innovates to provide your clinics, primary care centers and hospitals with a reliable, cost-effective, high-quality product.

Should you require more information, please find below XR 6000’s brochure.

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XR 6000, a technology you can rely on.

Built on a robust and user-friendly platform, XR 6000 is used for faster exam time. With only 3 clicks for exposure, you get to have easy positioning of the patient as well as a head-to-toe coverage.

With its dual focal spot tube (0.6/1.2mm) and its optional CR grid, XR 6000 gives you the choice between several technologies to help you to make your diagnosis.

Thanks to the integrated DAP (Dose Area Parameter), dose is displayed automatically on the console screen. XR 6000 was designed to ensure radiographers’ and patients’ safety.