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SIGNA Architect -3T-


SIGNA Architect AIR Edition, GE Healthcare’s premium 3.0T, 70 cm wide bore MR system, leverages intelligent scanning technology to enable patient-friendly exams with optimal image quality in less time.

When scanning with AIR Coils, SIGNA Architect provides 360 degrees of coverage to accommodate all types of patient sizes and enables feet-first imaging for all scans. The MR system’s versatility delivers consistent image quality, while reducing exam setup times.

Should you require more information, please click below to be redirected to Sign Architect’s website or to access the required brochure.

Now the potential for MR is even more astonishing with the SIGNA Architect 3.0T, a state-of-the-art imaging solution that combines the advancements in MR technology with GE Healthcare’s intuitive engineering. Fueled by our new SIGNA Works productivity platform, the SIGNA Architect is a harmonious design of form and function.
The AI family of products delivers clinical versatility and comfort, intelligent productivity improvements and consistently superior image quality.

  • Air Coils: Freedom in coil positioning is the ultimate design goal behind AIR. Its flexible design improves the scan experience while increasing signal quality.
  • Air Workflow: Automated applications make a clinically impactful difference for Intelligent productivity improvements.
  • Air image quality: Consistently better image quality, with image reconstruction software that helps improve SNR and image sharpness in every image.

On another note, SIGNA Works is the fuel that drives your imaging to the next level. The standard applications come pre-loaded with the SIGNA Architect, enabling you to achieve efficient and high-quality imaging. The application suite is upgradeable and customizable, giving you the flexibility to add applications to suit the needs of your growing practice.

SIGNA Works takes full advantage of TDI (Total Digital Imaging), further advancing diagnostics and increasing throughput, while simultaneously improving patient outcomes and your ROI.